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    I just posted this on another thread, but It might apply to you, so I copied and pasted.

    I saw a video on youtube about a woman who cleared her scalp plaque psoriasis with hair oil you buy at walmart. so I bought some and tried it... i couldn't believe it.. after 4 yrs I finally had clear scalp in just 2 weeks of effort.

    it's called Doo Gro Stimulating growth oil. there's also Doo Gro Mega strength or something.. both work.

    I don't exactly remember how she said to do it.. but I can tell you what I did.

    EVery night at bedtime, use the oil -its in a squeeze bottle with a tiny tip - and put the oil all over the scalp where your patches are (for me it was whole scalp). The first week I was dripping in oil .. but thats ok. Wrap your head in a scarf or anything to keep the oil from ruining your bedding.. I used a simple shower cap. Next morning, when u wake up, use (ok I know this sounds funny, but just go with it for now...) joy lemon fresh dishwashing soap and gummy up all the oil. I mean, douse your head until you are a giant mass - put in on dry, dont wash the oil out first. just straight on your head, the lemon joy will absorb the oil and make it easier to wash out. Then wash in warm water like normal. You WILL smell like lemons. but thats ok. In about a week of doing this you will notice the plaques are softer, and the patches are shrinking. AFter two weeks, I didn't flake after washing the oil out anymore! I didn't flake! you know how good that felt????? AFter a month of t
     he routine, I got used to it. I didn't need as much oil at night, and my hair had started growing back strong and healthy. I eventually quit the lemon joy and just used denorex as the morning wash shampoo.. because I realized the joy was most effective when my oil was at its highest. Once you back down on oil, any reg. shampoo will get it out..

    Once I was basically clear - pinkish scalp but no plaques - I kept it up and as long as I didn't skip a day, I was fine. Skip one day, and i flaked the next.

    It's a lot of work, but flake free is good.

    I was wondering if the oils in the doo gro would also soften the skin on arms? Like, if you had a patch you could put it on then wrap an ace bandage at night or something, and see if it would clear up for you.

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