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    I know its been a while since my last post.  I wanted to update eveyone on my progress.  It's been almost a year taking stelara in fact dec. 23' will be one year.  Anyway i will keep this brief.  The drug is amazing.  I was covered with "p" and had some joints involved with "pa" including my breast bone.  Within two weeks the pain in the chest went away.  the Pa in my other joints took longer.  My "p" took about 8 weeks or less to seemingly disappear.  I still have stubborn spots on my extremedies which never seemed to leave.  Each time around the 10th week interval I found the drug ability to be less effective.  From where I was to were I am today, I'm happy, however I'm nervous that this biologic like others in the past stops working.  I'm also increasingly worried about the serious side effects that they warn us about, being that i'm on the drug this long.  I found some interesting reads about how they linked P to 4 genes responsible for our condition.  Stelara is one of t
     hose drugs that targets those molecules responsible for Psoriasis.  From this research I also read there are more treatments on the way.  The NPF is funding these types of research.  Thats why each of us need to do everything possible to raise funds so future generations won't have to deal with this God awlful disease.  Feel free to drop me a line by email [email protected]:)
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    One of your posts from 1 -2009 just got resurrected w/ photos , you were in a bad way before as everyone can see .
    It's nice to see just how much Stelara has done for you.

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