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    Links to some places on the Net for Psoriasis Resources



    National Psoriasis Foundation The biggest and best psoriasis web site devoted to the patient (not the doctor). NPF on-line has sections for members in which virtually all the foundation's printed material is available electronically. The site also hosts regular scheduled live "forums," an extensive on-line chat area, and has impressive sections for kids and young adults.  If you have psoriasis, this site has got to be on your bookmarked or favorites list.

    Michael Paranzino's Washington D.C.-based lobby to increase funding for psoriasis research and ensure access to the full range of treatment therapies for all flakers.  Also read the FlakeHQ Interview with Michael.

    Psoriasis Hall of PShame Sad to say, we need this site, which has been compiled by Ed Anderson (newsgroup, Here you will find the stories of sham, quackery, and simply misleading claims about P treatments and products. Already Ed's been threatened by lawsuits (none of which has materialized, as far as I know).  Read Ed's FlakeHQ Interview (Nov-Dec '05) here.  Visit Ed's Skin Page for gateway access to other sites, including a table of "search for" shortcuts that will help you find just about anything regarding skin diseases. Mike H. built this site to illustrate what psoriasis looks like and much, much more.  This is where I'll send people who ask me "What's that?" and point to any of a number of my body parts. Also read the FlakeHQ Interview with Michael Harnick (Jan-Feb '08) here.

    dmoz open directory project: "Psoriasis" Here's a directory of Psoriasis sites on the web assembled and described by people who use psoriasis sites on the web.  It's about time.  Check it out.

    Newsgroup: ... and ... its Archives The best metaphor I can come up with for this distinctive place that has been nurtured by Ed Anderson is "the flakers' roadhouse." You can and will find all the camaraderie (and the occasional brawling) you would expect to find at any establishment for people who are very diverse but have psoriasis in common. This is the place to go if you want a second opinion, not necessarily from a derm. It's also a place to go if you've got something to say that may help others. Ed's Archives turn the whole experience into a useful reference tool.  (Read Ed Anderson's FlakeHQ Interview (Nov-Dec '05) here.)

    Psoriasis NewsGroup FAQ: Kim Malo's page of links and other things you need to know to participate in the online psoriasis community.  Very good stuff.

    Dave'sPsoriasisInfo When Dave W. was diagnosed psoriatic he went hunting for information.  His range included the Internet and a lot of what he found there made him mad. Go to this site to find what makes Dave mad (no bones about it).

    Dermatology Image Atlas ( A growing and impressive resource by Dr.s Cohen and Lehmann of John Hopkins University.  Nicely designed for answering the question "What does it look like?" Extremely layman-friendly.  Did you know P-plaques have names?  I guess there are different kinds of plaque lesions just like there are different kinds of clouds in the sky.

    Dead Sea Holidays John B.'s U.K.- based holiday planning helper-site for folks interested in visiting this world-famous climatotherapy hot-spot for flakers.  You can also purchase Dead Sea products for home-based use through this site.  (Currency is expressed in British pounds; international orders may or may not be accepted.)

    Jerry J.'s Book Page If you want to buy a book (or books) about P, do so from this page.  Part of the proceeds go to the National Psoriasis Foundation.  And I've not found a more comprehensive list anywhere.  (Note: several on-line booksellers are involved.  Jerry has aggregated them and their P-titles into a single convenient location.) 

    PsoriasisGroup.Com A new web site [August 2006] launched by T. J. Brownfield in my home state of Colorado.  Right now this site is like a “fully loaded luxury automobile” sitting in the showroom and waiting for riders.  As far as I know, it is the only flaker site set up to accommodate user blogs, messaging, chat, photo sharing, surveys, profiles and plenty of room for future editorial content. 

    The Soap Lake Conservancy Will Soap Lake, Washington, become the U.S. equivalent of the Israel's Dead Sea? We hope so, and this new organization is working to make it so.  If you're looking for a place to go for spa-like P therapy, check out this site and then read about Linda L.'s experience there in "Soap Lake."  

    Also read Sherry Decker's article about spending time at Soap Lake.

    Turkey:  Kangal Fish Spring Facility Home of the famous "Dr. Fish," small and toothless, these creatures consume flakes while the patient "soaks up" the palliative properties of the water and the spa.  Whether or not you ever make it to Kangal to try "the cure," this web site is fun to visit!

    PRP Online Support Group Often confused with psoriasis, Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris is a similar skin disease but much rarer than psoriasis.  This is an international support group and resources web site for people with PRP.

    Healing Psoriasis Naturally: Putting It All Together
    by Keith White Here you can download White's ebook, same title as the web site. White has combined Pagano's dietary suggestions in  Healing Psoriasis: the natural Alternative [see next entry, below] with recommendations from three other books, one about pre- and probiotics, one about conquering yeast infections, and the third about balancing your body's pH level. Though it sounds, initially, like something more complex than any of its parts, that's not the case at all. White is a confessed "diet hater" and uses his own trials, misfires and successes to spell out an approach that is easy to understand and eminently doable. Also read the FlakeHQ Interview with Keith White.

    Healing Psoriasis - John O.A. Pagano Dr. John Pagano's web site featuring his famous dietary approach to healing psoriasis.  His best-selling book, Healing Psoriasis: the natural Alternative can be purchased here as well as his cookbook for psoriatics.  Also read the FlakeHQ Interview with Dr. Pagano.

    The Mayo Clinic - On Psoriasis The Mayo Clinic is a venerable, multi-location medical institution that now has an online database of facts about many diseases, including psoriasis.  Articles under “Psoriasis” include an “introduction,” “signs and symptoms,” “causes,” “risk factors,” “when to seek medical advice,” “treatment,” and “self-care.”  To me, the real value in the site is its concision.  If you’ve trolled the National Psoriasis Foundation web site attentively, you won’t find anything new at, but they cover the basics — and some of the details — in far fewer words.  For the casually interested, it presents a much less daunting introduction to our disease.   Most importantly, for people who need to know more, the articles here conclude with a list of links to other sites, including the National Psoriasis Foundation

    My Skin's On Fire (web site) This is the "official" web site for Fred Finkelstein's documentary, My Skin's On Fire.  You can view a short clip of the program and purchase the DVD here.  Also read the FlakeHQ Interview with Fred Finkelstein, and Fred's memoir about life during production and after release of the DVD.

    Other Sites... - UK-based psoriasis support group moderated by Guy Strickland

    Psoriatic Arthritis Support

    Skincell (UK-based forum site for on-line chat and message posting.  Requires free registration.)