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Dermasolve for Psoriasis or Dry Skin

L’Avenir Skin Care has been around and successful for over 10 years. Our products solve some of today’s most common skin conditions. To give you some insight on why our products are different is because we have a secret!!! The secret behind our products comes from a unique ingredient - Whole Egg. We have developed a PATENTED process called Ovasome® Technology that uses enzymes to hydrolize the egg naturally, completely capturing all of the nutritional content. Some of our products include: -Dermasolve – Psoriasis cream -Cellutone – Cellulite cream -Dr. Acai – Anti-Aging cream & cleanser -HealFast Repair – Skin Repairing cream -more products from L'Avenir coming to (GCS) , Stay Tuned!
Posted November 30, 2010 - Filed in Education - #  #psoriasis  #Dry Skin  #Dermasolve 
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